PSDcast - Robert A. McKeel on Industrial Automation


In this PSDcast, Robert A. McKee, President and CEO Automation & Controls GE Energy Connections, dicsusses the advances in industrial automation and Internet of Things (IoT) . . . Read

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PSDcast - Anthony Kongats on supercapacitor advancements and applications


In this PSDcast, Anthony Kongats, CAP-XX’s CEO discusses supercapacitor advancements and applications. As supercapacitors shrink, applications grow. CAP-XX’s technology is now 600 microns, pushing down to 400 or 200 microns. Almost as thin as paper, prismatic supercapacitors as small as 45

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PSDcast - On control portion of power systems


Les Crowder of Adesto discusses why control portion of power systems often requires a CPU that needs boot Flash to operate.  Adesto provides Serial Non-volatile Memory ICs that are optimized for modern applications.  These systems typically need to manipulate small data packets (20 to

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PSDcast - Freeman Ford of FAFCO on hybrid power in the Smart Grid


PSDcast - Freeman Ford, Founder and CEO of FAFCO, talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design about hybrid power in the Smart Grid, and how many many innovators working to address some of the pressing needs in solar technology for driving more cost effective energy output for users. FAFCO

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PSDcast - Mauro Boldi of ETSI on 5G energy efficiency


In this PSDcast, Mauro Boldi, Vice-chairman, Eco Environmental Product Standards Group, Environmental Engineering Technical Committee, ETSI, talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design about the importance of energy efficiency in next-generation wireless systems. 5G will increase the density

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PSDcast - Robert Rozario of Dialog Semi on automotive systems


In this PSDcast, Robert Rozario of Dialog Semiconductor talks to Alix Paultre about the challenges facing designers of automotive systems. Today the car represents a confluence of multiple streams, from the Internet of Things to Smart Grid to autonomous systems. The company recently formed a partnership

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PSDcast - Gridtential CEO Chris Beekuis on next-gen lead-acid batteries


In this PSDcast Gridtential CEO Chris Beekuis talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design about next-generation lead-acid battery technology and what the company is doing to add value to the space. Gridtential has a proprietary advanced lead-acid battery that replaces the metal grid in current

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PSDcast - Michael Heaven of Aurora Solar on cell power and yield


In this PSDcast Canadian-based solar energy expert, Michael Heaven, President, CEO and Co-Founder from Aurora Solar Technologies talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design about solar cell manufacturing. Raw wafers go in one end and cells come out the other and are graded into 40-60 power level

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PSDcast - Frans Scheper of Nexperia talks discretes, logic, and MOSFETs


In this PSDcast, Nexperia CEO Frans Scheper, formerly EVP and GM of NXP’s Standard Products Business Unit, talks to Alix Paultre from Power Systems Design about the spinoff of Nexperia from NXP. Nexperia, which will produce around 85 billion devices a year and in 2016 had revenues exceeding

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PSDcast - Jonah Teeter-Balin of AeroVironment on charging the Chevy Bolt


In this PSDcast, Jonah Teeter-Balin of AeroVironment talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design about the company's infrastructure support for charging the Chevy Bolt. A critical aspect for market adoption of EVs in the marketplace is not only range anxiety, but chrarging security.

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